"" Solutions-driven consulting

We provide expert guidance to all stages of a change initiative. See our Focus areas for an explanation of the skillsets we provide.

Our consultants move with your project obviating the need to engage several individuals for different stages of the project lifecycle. This reduces your relationship management overhead in both time and cost terms, simplifies communication, reduces the collective overhead of getting ‘up to speed’, and ensures knowledge capital is created and retained by your organisation.

Additionally, there are numerous advantages to working with an independent consultancy like Nahuel Consulting in comparison to a major brand consultancy. Refer to Why work with Nahuel Consulting.

"" Structure project roles

Where a formal project governance structure exists we can provide specific expertise to resource roles in the programme / project structure, such as:

Business case development

Strategic alignment and positioning

Business analysis

Project management

Risk analysis & planning

Communications planning


"" Why work with Nahuel Consulting

Some of the benefits of working with us are summarised here under the headings of Cost, Objectivity, Value-added, and Relationship.


  • As an independent consultancy we charge less than a major brand consultancy for a number of reasons –

We have no substantial operational overheads to price in
We have no management hierarchy to price in
You are not paying a margin for brand image, you only pay for expertise

  • There is no significant relationship management overhead for you when working with us
  • We are experienced in the management of project costs and scope control to prevent budget overrun
  • Our experience and application of best practice mitigates the risk of project failure and consequent unrealised cost
  • By engaging us you avoid the fully loaded costs of assigning permanent staff to projects


  • We provides independent objective analysis
  • Nahuel Consulting is system agnostic, therefore we have no vested interest in pursuing a particular vendor solution
  • We are not under pressure to sell additional services or consultants to you
  • We provide experience and a safe pair of hands for your business critical initiatives
  • We have extensive experience of embedded working with our clients and their business partners


  • Our consultants have a wealth of individual consulting and industry experience to bring to the table
  • We deliver senior experience directly into the focus point of your initiative, right to down to the detail
  • We are solutions driven and flexible in engagement as a result of broad individual consultant skill sets
  • We are able to work seamlessly across your business structure
  • We do not employee junior consultants and therefore do not use your project as a training ground
  • You permanent staff are not drawn away from business critical roles


  • Our commitment to your business is personal
  • Reputation is everything we have no brand to hide behind
  • Everything we do is delivery based
  • We ensure that you retain accrued knowledge capital in your organisation
  • Working with us does not require you to invest significant time in relationship management


"" Key aspects of change initiatives

Strategic alignment – Positioning the project in relation to the organisations strategy enables a clear communication narrative and business case to be developed.

Organisational awareness – Rapid comprehension of an organisation's internal structure is critical to delivering assignments in sympathy with existing initiatives. Similarly, costs can be greatly reduced through leveraging the capability of an organisation and ensuring that knowledge capital is retained.

Communications – Well constructed communications ensure that the right people have the right understanding at the right time. Clear consistent and relevant messages that support initiatives are made possible by a good understanding of the stakeholders and their situations.

Behavioural change – Project success is often defined by ensuring that new behaviours are defined and fully adopted or that existing behaviours are not disrupted. Embedding the right behaviours is essential to realising capital investment.

Data – Working backwards from the business decision defines the essential enabling data that needs to be captured. The definition, quality, timeliness, and accessibility of the data are critical to effective decision making.

Information technology – The vast majority of change projects have a technology component. Understanding the capabilities, customisation, and rollout of functionalities of the system(s) in question is essential to fully leverage technology investment.


"" Our vision

"" To be recognised by our clients as a preferred specialist change consultancy

"" To create value for and ensure lasting knowledge capital is retained by our clients

"" To be trusted and valued for the expertise we provide

"" To build long term relationships with our clients

"" To reflect our values