"" CRM & Business development


Definition of business development strategy

Market analysis and design of product specific sales approaches

Development of 'go to market' strategies and tools

Implementation of business development best practice

client profiling and categorization


Analysis of business development roles

Development of training programmes

Analysis of off-shoreability of business development activities

Analysis of ownership and location of work tasks in organisational structures


Definition of sales funnel and stage gates

Development of client acceptance processes

Analysis & optimization of business development processes




Deal negotiation

Development of investor proposals for early stage businesses


Development & implementation of bespoke global CRM systems

Development & implementation of 3rd party CRM systems

Development of sales performance systems

Development & implementation of data ownership policies & procedures

Development & implementation of change control policies & procedures

Development of sales credit policies

Development of revenue reporting systems

Development of inventory management and pricing platform

Definition and management of customer facing


"" Operational optimisation, IT, & Business intelligence


Development of business and technology strategies

Design of business operations

Resource optimisation planning

Business process reengineering

Cost / benefit analysis

Business case development

Analysis of operational risk and development of mitigation solutions

Analysis of economic, political, and business environment aspects of international markets

Role design

Operations management

Management of multi-location multi-product global businesses units

Financial planning and management, strategic planning, and human resource planning

Relationship management of legal, regulatory, finance, accounting, operations, human resources, technology and facilities support functions

Development of product control function

Development of risk management processes and reporting systems

Definition of operations support strategies for core businesses

Negotiation and implementation of SLAs

Business modeling

Development of business models and business cases for early stage business

Development of financial models for early stage business

Development of business cases for projects

Analysis of viability and risks of early stage businesses

Regulatory approval


Design of transfer pricing policies

Analysis of cost drivers and definition of cost keys

Analysis and implementation of global financial reporting structure

Analysis of global operating models

Systems / MIS / decision support

Systems development, planning and prioritization

Strategic analysis of corporate systems infrastructure

Requirements analysis of operational systems

Development of management information systems

Management and financial control of project portfolios

Project management of software application developments

Management of trading & market data systems

Assessment, negotiation and purchasing data infrastructure solution

Analysis and developed of bespoke decision support tools

Pioneer of Object Orientated software development and Re-use approaches

Analysis of strategic desktop operating systems

Financial / Reporting

Development of transaction data reporting suites

Development of management accounting reporting systems

Development of P&L reporting frameworks and systems

Development of Intraday risk and P&L systems

Development of hedging models for exposure risk management

Development and implementation of accrual accounting system

Development of market risk models for vanilla and derivative financial products


Identification & implementation of STP initiatives

Re-engineering of transaction confirmations processes

Systems development of Index-linked portfolio management solutions

Development of automated deal decision making system

Management of client accounting system

Implementation and interfacing with real-time exchange platforms



"" Restructuring

Merger / Restructuring / Integration

Merger and co-location of London trading & sales businesses

Merger of New York sales and marketing operations

Merger of derivatives business into capital markets business

Closing down of Madrid based operation

Establishment of Milan based sales & marketing operation

Re-organisation of global sales & marketing operation (350 revenue earners, 12 countries, €+1bln revenue p.a.)

Design and implementation of matrix management structure for business development, by industry, geography and product

Integration of Republic of Ireland business into UK business group

Restructuring of financial reporting framework

Review of operating models

Review and implementation of transfer pricing models


Relocation of Frankfurt sales & marketing operation

Relocation of London investment banking business

Location planning for a Dublin business operation


"" Behavioural change & Communications

Communications planning

Programme and project communications

Stakeholder analysis

Coaching of internal consultants & change managers

Design of remuneration structures

Analysis of motivation and participation / non-participation factors

Design of behavioural change solutions

Web site and intranet developments

User experience planning